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FICTION: My Mistake Cost Me Dearly, Now I Am Sharing My Husband With Someone Else

I would love to share my short story to every woman out there to learn from the little mistake that is making me have the regret of my life. Regardless of your marital status, especially the single ladies who are about getting married or women who are newly married, if you don't apply these qualities you are likely to lose your husband to another man.

My name is Rabi, I am 33 from Nasarawa State. My husband is an Interior Designer who currently owns three companies. We started our love life in 2010, it was a great experience with a lot of good moments. We loved ourselves wholeheartedly and he cared so much about me. We used to go on a date every weekend and he will buy me many things.

He would always want to visit me every day despite being busy with his business, I believe my best and happy moments were those days. He was indeed the definition of a caring man.

We got married in 2012, and now we are blessed with two children. My early days in marriage was a joyous one. But ever since I got married, I had a character of not performing my duties as a wife. I ignored this particular quality as a wife which cost me dearly.

To make matter worse, I was comfortable not doing it and didn't even care how my husband feels about it, because I used to think that I have got my man already and since we are married, other women would stay away. Not knowing I was deceiving myself and was dreaming.

It was not about the issue in the bedroom, it was not about a poor fashion sense or indecent dressing, I am pretty and looking gorgeous, I was also carried away with my beauty. It was not about being a dirty housewife. Not a matter of being rude to his family members.

The truth is I was not submissive and uncaring!. I barely prepare breakfast for my husband before leaving for work very early in the morning. And even at night, it was once in a while. He complained several, explained, and he let me know that he needed my attention and submissiveness more than anything. But I was too carried away to understand the fact.

I kept showing this character until my husband seems not to bother anymore, he cared no more and didn't get worried about my actions. He would stay outside late at night, spend hours before returning home. Then I found out he had a girlfriend, whom he visits constantly. I was shocked, angry, and disappointed. I have done all I could to stop her, but I failed.

Then I realized my almost all of my husband's meals comes from her. She will even cook and bring to his workplace. She even went far by buying several gifts for my husband. This saddened me and I became worried from losing my man. I tried correcting my mistakes, but it was too late. Because they already loved each other. They got married last year and they had a daughter.

To all ladies out there, please stop believing only men are to care for you, when you are in a relationship or married, don't wait for him to ask you for anything before you do it. Call him as well, tell him you love him. Buy him gifts if you have the money to. It doesn't mean you are cheap, it shows you are submissive. Do this and you will forever be grateful to yourself. As I say this, my face is full of tears, I regret not being submissive and now I am sharing my husband with someone else. Please advise me on what to do?.

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