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BBNAIJA: 7 Things We Learnt in Tonight's Arena Game

BBNAIJA: 7 Things We Learnt in Tonight's Arena Game

There was Big Brother Naija Arena game this evening. As usual, the Housemates were asked to obey the instructions and play the game stage by stage. Big Brother told them they would be given five minutes to complete the challenge because they are five remaining. However, these are seven things we learnt in this evening's Arena game.

1. Housemates duplicated the structures (the cups) until they got to the height already used as examples.

2. They were advised to play the golf ball into the hole. It was so difficult for Vee to play the ball into the hole. Neo experienced huge difficulties in playing ball into the hole.

3. Eating Puff Puff - Nigerian delicacy. They ate one puff puff one after the other. According to the instruction, you must completely chew and swallow the puff puff before proceeding to the next challenge. It was like a punishment to housemates as they ate the puff puff with shrunk contours.

4. Housemates were required to throw three balls into the basketball ball net instead of one they would usually throw in. 

5.You spin to get 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30. The wheel must complete three rotation before it is valid.

6. Dorathy won the Arena game after finishing before the time ahead of others. Dorathy shouted first time ever because this is first time she is winning the Arena game. 

7. Big Brother asked other housemates to clap for Dorathy and they did. 

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