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Tips for improving your spoken English.

1."Speak , Speak , Speak !."

Be confident and speak as often as possible to as many people as you possibly can !. Do not be shy to make mistakes. The more you practice the better and more confident you will become in your pronunciation and vocabulary.

Remember speaking is a skill like learning a musical instrument or new sport- the only way you can get good is to actually do it!.

2. "Use technology."

A smartphone can be a powerful tool for learning language. Use it to record yourself speaking then listen back to see how your English sounds to the people.

make the most of all your favourite productivity apps to organise your practice time and make a note of all the new words you learn.

3." Listen"

listen to news bulletins and songs in English to listen to the pronunciation of words you can also learn new words and expressions this way . The more you listen , the more you learn !.

Try copying what you hear to practice your pronunciation and learn which words in a sentence are stressed.

4. "Read out loud"

Read the newspapers or a magazine out to your self . You could even find a script for your favourite TV show and act it out !. This is a great way to practice pronunciation because you only need to concentrate on making sure your English sounds great and don't need to worry about sentence structure or grammar .

5."Learn a new word every day "

Choose a word you would like to work on and use practice it in different sentences.

Use the word until you have learnt it and keep using it regularly.

6. "Watch film's "

watch movies in English and pay attention to new vocabulary and pronunciations .

imitate the actors and have fun with it .

7. " Make friends "

make friends with English speakers or others learning to speak English and compare notes . Talk about things that you have learnt and exchange ideas .

8. "Do interesting activities in English".

take a cooking course in English or join a book club . Anything you enjoy doing make sure you do it and communicate it in English using English to talk about things you enjoy will make practicing a positive experience.

9. "Have a debate ."

debates all the topics that interest you with friends in English. Try to use as much vocabulary as you can get your point across and listen to the other argument carefully so you can argue against them effectively.

10. "Use a dictionary."

online dictionaries often have audio examples so you can check your pronunciation and there are lots of great dictionary apps that you can take every where with you on your smartphone.

make sure not to become too reliant on these tools though . Have a go at saying the words first then check afterwards to see if you were right .

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