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All Work Without Play Make Jack a Dull Boy.See Funny Hollywood Movies Reimagined With Nigerian Stars

Creativity has been the talk of the day for youths in Nigeria. With the aid of Photoshop app, Enlightened Nigerians has been able to create wonderful and funny pictures of Nigerian Celebrities. Due to civilization and growth of technology, individuals who are technological inclined can create funny photos using famous individuals, the way they want and how they like it.

Many people had discovered their secret abilities, different pictures are being shared on the web, where photography has proofed it's beauty, ranging from showing little droplets of orange juice, adding unique hue, adding a non existent background to a picture. This can be identified from these Photoshop pictures of Hollywood Movies Reimagined with Nigerian Celebrities.

Honorable Adams Oshiomole at it again.

The Boko Haram squad is not bad just Mr Ibu is not a serious somebody.

Hope this guy is captain for Calabar not America?

Don jazzy, the Incredible Hulk

Mr Ibu is among the fantastic four.

Hope the force meant here is not "Juju"

Hope it was really funny? What caught my fantasy was Mr Ibu being among the fantastic four. What about you?

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