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Hilarious pictures of "what you ordered vs what you got" that will make your day

What you ordered vs what you got is an online trend where people showcase their online shopping experience especially those that got exact opposite of what they ordered.

Some also show their tailors mistake in delivering their initial demand or choice of style for the clothes they wanted them to work on for them.

Imagine ordering for beautiful clothes, groceries, shoes etc online only for the stuffs to be delivered and what was delivered to you do not have any close resemblance with what you ordered. This has been the experience of many online shoppers.

Also imagine going to your tailor to make cloth for you, you choose the best style for the cloth only to get back and see what does not in any way look like the style you chose previously, what will be your reaction?

Checkout the hilarious pictures of what you ordered vs what you got below;

Have you had any bad experience shopping online where what you ordered was quite different from what you got? Share with us at the comment section let's laugh together.

Which of the pictures really cracked you up, tell us also in the comment section.

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