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12 Years After The Movie "Merlin", See How The Main Cast's Of Merlin Looks Like Now (Photos)

12 Years After The Movie "Merlin", See How The Main Cast's Of Merlin Looks Like Now (Photos)

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Today we will be taking a look at how the main casts of merlin now looks like now.

1. Colin Morgan (Merlin):

Colin Morgan played the main role of the movie, he acted as Merlin. He saved Camelot on different occasions and also protected the prince of Camelot Arthur while serving him.

2. Bradley James (King Arthur):

Bradley James acted as Arthur, who was the prince of Camelot untill he later became the king when his father died.

3. Angel Coulby ( Guinevere/Gwen):

She played the role of a maid, who later became the queen of Camelot after she got married to King Arthur.

4. Katie McGrath (Morgana Pendragon):

Katie McGrath played the role of Morgana Pendragon, the wicked princess who wanted to rule over Camelot.

5. Anthony Head (King Uther):

Anthony Head played the role of King Uther, the Stubborn king who dislike magic with passion, and was willing to kill anyone caught practicing magic.

6. Richard Wilson (Gaius):

Played the role of Gaius, the man responsible for cooking medicine/portion for the people of Camelot, and also Merlin grand father.

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