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Fiction: The elder's daughter (episode 29)

“Where am I?” Esther suddenly said. She looked around and all she could see was darkness. She started running, hoping to find help but she tripped on a stone and fell down “Ouch, my leg! Somebody help me please” she cried. She could hear the echo of her voice.

The place was empty and looked like a wilderness. She struggled to stand up and when she was on her feet, she decided to look back. She could see a bright light from a very long distance. Under the light, she saw beautiful houses and plantations. “I need to go back to my father’s house” she thought to herself.

Suddenly, she felt unusual strength. She ran towards the light with determination shouting “I need to return to my father’s house. I can’t continue suffering in this manner when my father has all that I need.”

When she got a bit closer to the light, she saw people gathered, celebrating. The first person she saw was Brian. He looked at her from a distance and smiled. He shouted “Father is waiting for you.

Come Esther, come!” Esther ran with even more determination. Suddenly, she woke up. It was just a dream. She rubbed her eyes as she looked around. She realized that she had been dreaming. The sun had already risen and her room was filed with a beautiful bright light from the sun. She looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was already 7am.

She got up from the bed and pulled the store curtain. The view was even more beautiful that morning. She stretched her arms and sat down, starring at the room. She thought about the dream she had just had “I don’t understand this dream. Why was I telling myself to go back to my father? Does this mean that I need to go back home? But I don’t think my father wants to see me again after what I have done.” She thought to herself

She went into the bathroom and took a bath. She had slept like a baby and felt refreshed. Someone knocked on the door. It was aunty Mercy. She was holding a tray of food. “Hello my dear Esther. I brought you some breakfast.

Mr. Brian called and said he will be here around 9am to pick you up. Please also feel free to move around the motel. We have a nice garden near the pool area” she said. She entered the room and placed the food on the table. “Thank you very much ma. I appreciate” Esther answered. “Oh just call me Mercy” aunty Mercy said.

Esther smiled, When the woman had left, Esther ran to the food. She couldn’t wait to eat again. It was a full English breakfast. She ate the bacon and fried sausages like there was no tomorrow. She finished up the baked beans and drank the glass of orange juice. “Wow! What a treat! I feel like I am in paradise” she said.

She looked at her stomach and shook her head “What will I do with you? How will I handle you? I don’t have a job to take care of you. I can’t abort you because when I think of what happened to Naomi, it scares the hell out of me. So what will I do with you?” she said to herself. She sat down feeling very sad and insecure. She imagined what would happen next. She imagined Angela’s reaction “I am sure she will blame me for throwing myself into David’s arms.

As for David, he can go to hell. I don’t even want him to know about this pregnancy. I will do everything possible to get a job in town, even if I have to become a maid just to raise money to take care of this child” she said. With anger, she rose up, took her phone and bag and went downstairs. Her phone was still off and she wasn’t thinking of switching it on yet.

As she got downstairs, she met Brian on the way to his office. He gave her a warm hug “Esther, mama twins, how are you?” he said. Esther laughed “Twins? Brian don’t be funny” she said. “I am not joking. You will have twins. I dreamt about it last night and my dreams always come true” Brian said, pulling Esther by the hand to his office. “Hmm, talking about dreams, I had one last night that is making me wonder” she said. “Oh really? Tell me all about it” Brian said as he sat down in the office. Esther narrated the entire dream to him.

Esther: Do you think the dream is telling me to go back to my father’s house?

Brian was quiet for a while, then he said “Well, I am not really sure what that dream means but in most cases, dreams also have a spiritual meaning. This evening, I am inviting you to church for our weekly service. I can take you to the Pastor so that he prays for you and maybe help you to interpret your dream”

Esther: Brian, I really don’t want to seem rude. I really appreciate everything you have done for me, but to tell you the truth, I no longer have the interest to go to church or even believe that God knows me. Where was God when all these terrible things were happening to me?

Brian: Let me also ask you a question: Where was God when you were committing fornication? Where was God when you were cursing Him?

Esther: Are you trying to judge me?

Brian: No I am not judging you sweetheart. All I am saying is that we are always trying to blame God for everything that happens to us. But we also forget how filthy we are before Him. We forget that sometimes we do things that don’t please Him, but He never condemns us. He is always giving us a second chance. Can you imagine what could have happened if God decided that for every sin that a human being commits, he should die? The world would be empty by now. I am sorry if I came out quite harsh, but I just want you to get a point. I know you to be a very good person. I noticed you from the very first day we were introducing each other in class. I know you don’t deserve to be treated in that way, but one thing I am sure of is that God has a good plan for you no matter what you have gone through. I believe everything that happened to you, happened for a reason. Do you remember the day I was asking you about your fiancé? You actually seemed to be irritated by my curiosity that day.

Esther: Yes I do

Brian: I know that guy very well. He is a regular customer of the motel, even though he doesn’t know me quite well, because it is only recently that I started managing the motel. My father was the one in charge before, but now he wants to concentrate on other things. I used to see Jacob here so many times with different ladies. I know at least two ladies he used to bring here, one is called Clara and the other is Sharon, although Clara was more frequent with him

Esther: What! Clara? Is she short and fair, with a dark blackhead under her eye?

Brian: Yes. Do you know her?

Esther: Of course. She is a member of our church back in Gemba. And to think that he lied about her saying she just liked following him! That guy is a dog!

Brian: Hmm. He usually spent the weekends here with her. But wait until you hear what I am about to tell you. The receptionist, who knows him very well told me a couple of weeks ago that he was now coming with a certain tall lady. He was spending the weekends with her. I had to ask her to get the person’s name and guess who it was! It was Naomi.

Esther: Oh my God I knew it! That traitor!

Brian: Yea. I am really sorry, but the guy is a crook. That is why I had tried to enter into a conversation with you about him so that I could eventually tell you, but you seemed so irritated that I just had to keep it to myself. But you have been in my prayers ever since I saw you with him, asking God to protect you from being hurt

Esther: Well, your prayers were not answered

Brian: Don’t say that. My prayers were answered because God has exposed him before you made the mistake of tying the knot.

Esther: You think so? And now I am pregnant for another man and you think it’s better that way?

Brian: Yes Esther, it is much better than getting married to that guy because you would have lived a terrible life. As for David, I know that you are trying as much as possible to forget him, which I clearly understand. But the only thing I can tell you is that he is a good guy

Esther: Oh please. So you think you know everyone at the university?

Brian: Well, not really, but I know quite a number of people because I am involved in a lot of Christian charity associations both at school and even around here. Anyway, I will not enter into details. I pray that God’s will be done in your life. So my dear, you cannot say no to my request this evening concerning church. You don’t need to do anything, just come

Esther: O-o-K. But please it’s only for today.

Brian: Your wish is my command dear beloved. Now, let’s go home. I would like to introduce you to my parents and even my fiancé. I’ve already told them about you. Am sorry I had to narrate a bit of your story to my mother as she is quite curious. You know how women are. She was just trying to make sure that I have not brought a girlfriend in. hahaha. But you don’t need to worry about her. She is a godly and wonderful woman.

Esther: I can imagine.

The two left the office. Brian led the way to the car which was parked at the entrance. They both entered and drove off. Esther watched the beautiful trees as they drove through a scanty bush.

Brian switched on the music player and played the song “God will make a way”. He moved his head up and down as he sang the song. “So, how did you meet your fiancée?” Esther asked. Brian smiled “Jennifer and I have known each other for as long as I can remember.

We have been childhood friends since primary school. Our parents are good friends and we are like family. We were only friends until three years ago when I strongly fell in love with her. At that time, she was seeing a certain guy from secondary school, although he was not a serious guy. But you girls like men who are not serious.

Hahaha Anyway to cut the story short, the guy ended up disappointing her and that is when I tried my luck. At first, she found it hard to accept because we had been like brother and sister, but with time, she also fell in love with me and we started seeing each other. She got admission at a university in London while I got admission at the university in the capital.

We’ve been seeing each other for 3 years now. Last year, I finally proposed to her and she said yes. We are planning to do our wedding next year, by God’s grace” Brian said.

“Wow lucky you! Both of you look so happy together. I am sure you have had a smooth relationship because you are such a wonderful person” Esther said. Brian smiled again and shook his head “Not really my dear. I was not as wonderful as this before I met Christ.

I was a party boy, I used to drink and smoke a lot. My parents were actually tired of me because I caused them so much trouble. I used to steal my father’s money and use it on beer and games. Jennifer and I went through a lot of difficulties, all caused by me. But she was very patient with me. She used to pray for me so that God could change me and never put pressure on me. Until the day that I met Jesus. My whole life changed, I became a new creature.

I lost taste for the things of the world and embraced a new life of purity and sanctification. My parents and even Jennifer could not believe how I had changed at first, but with time they realized that God had finally answered their prayers. Today, I live for Christ and Him alone. ” Brian said

Esther was amazed. She looked at Brian and said “Wow. Your story sounds interesting. I am happy for both of you. They finally arrived at Brian’s place: it was a big blue house surrounded with a huge wall fence and black gate.

The guard ran to open the gate as Brian drove in. They found Brian’s mother outside with Jennifer picking up some flowers. Jennifer looked so beautiful and vibrant. Esther disembarked shyly from the car. Brian gave Jennifer a warm hug “Hello Princess. You look beautiful this morning.

Thank you for coming early this morning” Brian said. He turned to his mom and said “Mom, baby please meet my friend and school mate Esther…..Esther this is my mom and this is my fiancée Jenny.” Esther was very shy. She looked down as she greeted Brian’s mother. Brian’s mom gave her a hug and said “You are welcome my daughter.”

Jennifer also gave her a hug and they all went inside the house. Esther admired the house as they went to the living room. The interior was even more beautiful than she could have imagined. Jennifer rushed to the kitchen and brought some fresh orange juice and pancakes to the living room.

“Please help yourselves with this. I made these pancakes specially for you Esther last evening when Brian informed me about your arrival. You are welcome” Jennifer said. Esther thanked her and even though she was quite full, she ate the pancakes out of respect. Jennifer excused herself and left Esther with Brian’s mother.

Brian’s mother: So my dear Esther. Please feel at home. My son told me everything that has happened to you. I am so sorry to hear about it, but I want you to know that all hope is not lost. Firstly, I would like to know if you have called your mother to inform her about your well being

Esther: N-n-n-n-o Ma

Brian’s mother: Well, that’s not a good thing at all. I am sure that right now she is worried sick about you. I would advise you to call her and let her know that you are in safety. I am a mother and I know exactly how it feels to be far from your child. She can even enter a state of depression because of it. You can call her using my phone.

Esther was reluctant but agreed to call her mother. She dialed her brother’s line “Hello Daniel. It’s me Esther…Yes I am fine thank you….Please put mom on the line…….Hello mom…Yes I am fine mom…..No I am fine believe me……I am at a friend’s place not very far from the capital……Mom, I am fine…..I will be going back to school in a couple of days…..I am being taken care of by my friend’s family so well mom, you don’t need to worry about anything…..Please stop crying, you are making me feel bad….I will definitely come back after our final exams when everything has calmed down a bit….Don’t worry about that mom, I will find a way to survive…Yes mom, no problem. Please don’t worry about me. I am even better that I thought I could be.

Ok mom, I have to go now I am using the phone of my friend’s mom…Yes you’ll talk to her soon. I have to go now…. Bye mom…Amen mom. Bye” Esther gave the phone back to Brian’s mom with tears flowing from her eyes. Brian’s mom hugged her “Don’t worry my dear. Everything is going to be alright” she said.

Esther and Brian’s mother discussed for a long time before Jennifer and Brian came to take her out to drive around town. They spent almost the whole day downtown moving from one place to the other. Jennifer was a very funny and friendly girl. She gave Esther her best laugh.

They had lunch at a local restaurant and finally headed to church around 6pm. It was a medium sized church. The place was almost getting filled up. Worshippers entered the church with so much passion and enthusiasm. Esther’s mind was far away. Going to church was the last thing she had expected to do.

Jenifer and Brian led her to the fourth row. Jennifer knelt down as she worshipped God while Brian stood up and lifted his hands as the choir sang songs of worship. Esther was not used to such things. In her church, people never worshipped passionately. They all just sat quietly listening to the choir while others preferred sitting outside.

She looked to her right and saw people laying even on the floor while others cried in deep worship. She had never seen such a thing before. She sat down, looking at the people who were worshiping.

When the Pastor climbed the altar, he preached on a message titled “Come back to the Father”. He talked about the prodigal son and how he had decided to leave his father’s house in order to live the life he wanted.

Esther listened carefully as the message seemed to touch so many points of her life “Did Brian tell this Pastor about my story? This man is preaching like someone who knows my situation” she thought to herself. Just before he could end his sermon, the Pastor lifted up his voice and shouted “There are many of you here that are like the prodigal son.

You left the security that your heavenly Father provided for you and you decided to live your own life. You abandoned your heavenly Father and thought you knew better than Him. But now, you have found yourself in so many difficulties. Just like the prodigal son, you are now eating with pigs and living in the cold. But if only you can turn back and be like the prodigal son who decided to go back to his father.

If only you can return to your Father, the Great King. If you only you can come running to Him, He is able and willing to receive you back. In His house, are many mansions. In his arms are many blessings. It doesn’t matter what you have gone through. It doesn’t matter what you have done. Your heavenly Father is ready to throw a party for you and give you the best of his kingdom.

But this is a decision you will have to make alone. The Father is waiting for you. Run back to him. True security, prosperity and salvation come from the Father alone. You don’t need to be perfect in order to be accepted by Him. He will purify you and mend your broken heart. I know that you have been broken. I know that you have been disappointed by those you trusted, but the Heavenly Father says Come unto me all that are heavy laden and I will give you rest. So wherever you are, I am inviting you to take this decision to come back to the Father. Please if you want to dedicate your life back to Jesus, I kindly ask you to come to the front and make your bold declaration.

Jesus is waiting for you now. He will never condemn you. He loves you”

Esther felt like a cold and gentle breeze blew across her entire body. Suddenly, she remembered her dream “I need to go back to my father” she shouted. Some people looked at her when she shouted. Jennifer gently held her hand, rubbing her hand on her palm and praying. Esther shouted again “I need to go back to my Father, my heavenly Father!” this time around she ran to the front and fell on her knees before the altar.

Some members of the ushers gently held her to comfort her. Brian lifted up his hands and thanked God. Esther lay down on the floor as the choir sang songs of worship. She cried out “Father, I am here. I have come back to you. Please receive me Father.

I went astray because I didn’t know you. Now I want to know you more.” The Pastor left the altar and prayed with her. Some other people had also come to the front to give their lives to Christ. Esther cried and was led to dedicate her life to Jesus. She prayed the prayer with so much sincerity and went back to her seat.

Brian hugged her and she wept on his shoulder “It is over my dear. Welcome to a new world. A world of peace everlasting” he said.

“I feel like a heavy load has just been lifted from off me. I feel light and free and while the Pastor was praying, I saw a great light that was shining before me. Now I understand the meaning of my dream. God wanted me back” Esther said as they left the church. Brian and Jennifer lifted up their hands and worshipped God “Oh God you are great. I thank you for this miracle that only you can do” Brian said

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