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Opinion: Comparing Chidinma Ekile's old life to her new life, she is happier in gospel music.

Sometimes, the step a person takes in his life is determined by some kinds of intra-personal conflicts that exists within him. Most times, other people do not see this conflict in such person but when a change is made, the difference shows.

Chidinma Ekile has been in the music industry for many years, she has entertained the public with her outstanding personality in her career as a secular musician, but few months ago, she announced her change of pattern in her music career.

Before announcing the change in her music pattern, Chidinma was offline on Instagram for a very long time. This could probably be the time she was battling with her life decisions before making it open.

She made the announcement with a Christian song, indicating that she has been working on a new style of music. She testified that the spirit of God showed itself in her life, and that is what prompted the change.

Chidinma started adjusting her life, starting from her dressing. A lot of people questioned her decision but it was obvious that she thoroughly thought about it, and has been surrounded by people who guard her to the part she has chosen.

Haven known Chidinma Ekile for over 10 years in the music industry, there is a visible change that has happened in her life after she changed from secular music to Christian music.

Comparing her previous life to her new life, the change is absolute peace of mind. Peace of mind is one thing that many people underrate, but it is an essential factor to a healthy life.

Following Chidinma's posts on social media recently, one would know that she eventually found the peace which she said she was craving for.

This peace is abstract, but it is felt in her life, recently. She proudly preaches the word of God, and dresses moderately with happiness. This part of Chidinma Ekile was not felt while she was a secular musician.

Image source: all the images in the article were sourced from Chidinma's Instagram handle.

Content created and supplied by: Chinny'sangle (via Opera News )

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