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Wolverine Vs Thanos Face-Off, Who Wins?

Wolverine has the ability to regenerate and recover from dangerous and life threatening injury and this has given him the boldness to go toe to toe with the likes of Iron man, the Hulk, and other superheroes and villians in the Marvel universe.

Though Thanos is 3000 times stronger than Wolverine, Wolverine is much faster and agile and quicker than Thanos, plus Wolverine's adamantium claws is one of the most hardest metal and nigh indestructible metal in the Marvel universe.

So the question is who wins this face-off?

First let's point out the powers and abilities of Wolverine and Thanos.


Real name : James Logan Howlett.

Species : Mutant.

Place of Origin : Canada.

Powers and abilities

1. Enhanced speed, strength, reflexes, agility, balance, coordination, reaction and flexibility.

2. Super senses.

3. Retractable adamantium laced claws.

4. Accelerated regenerative healing factor.

5. Expert hand to hand combatant.


Place of Origin : Titan.


1. Immense Super strength.

2. Enhanced speed, agility, reflexes, durability and endurance.

3. Proficient in use of special sword.

4. Master hand to hand combatant.

5. Enhanced regenerative healing factor.

Here is how the battle goes down

Thanos's advantage in this fight is his Immense and superior strength, agility and fighting skills, while Wolverine's advantage is Enhanced speed, reflexes and a very powerful rapid regenerative healing factor.

Thanos beats the hell out of Wolverine in this battle, but Wolverine keeps healing and coming back at Thanos until he decapitates Thanos.

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