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Opinion: See Pictures Of Runtown's Girlfriend Who Many People Refer To As Ugly, She Is Black Beauty

See Pictures Of Runtown's Girlfriend Who Many People Refer As Ugly, She Is Black Beauty.

 Should we be ashamed of our skin colour? The true African colour which portrays vigour and aptitude. The black colour is a symbol of worthiness and dignity, and we should be proud of it. Many people are not convenient with the colour of their skin that they had to bleach, this is an act of ignominy to Africa and it must be stopped and abolished.

 The black race is known for its might and power, why should we then be ashamed of it. I am proud of my skin colour, I am proud to be of the black ethnicity.

 The popular singer Douglas Jack Agu is a very gifted musician, and a perfect one. He is one of the best male singers in Nigeria. He became popular after singing "mad over you". The song really boosted his reputation, and it made him famous than he ever expected.

 He was born in 1989, on the 19th of August. He spent most of his childhood life in Lagos/Abuja after losing his father. He had to struggle for survival, and here is he today, one of the most renown musicians in Nigeria. He is actually one of my best.

 Runtown has been in a relationship with a girl for some years now. The name of his betrothed damsel is Adut Akech. The beautiful lady is really special.

 Due to her black skin colour, she became a model. Adut Akech is one of the richest models in the world. It's so sad that many people do refer her as ugly, but she is very beautiful in her black skin.

 Adult Akech is a dual citizen, she is South Sudanese and also Australian. Born on the 25th of December 1999, Adut Akech is one fashionable model who is known in her country and overseas.

 The love between Douglas Jack Agu and Adut Akech is really strong, as they are always seen traveling together. Adut Akech isn't ugly, She is African beauty. See her pictures below:

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