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Check-out These 6 Famous Female Singers Who Are Also Talented Dancers (Photos)

1. Lady Gaga

Photo Credit: Google

With a performance background in both theater and NY UT’s School of the Art, this girl was groomed to kill it on stage. Even so, Lady Gaga’s concert moves aren’t always technical and calculated, as she’s been known to wing it and lose herself in freestyle routines.

Photo Credit: Google

With all the bravado that comes along with the Gag persona, she’s perfectly capable of not just producing club bangers, but seriously operating on a high level alongside those who only dance for a living.

2. Missy Elliot

Photo Credit: Google

You can’t just make it up when it comes to the dance group of Missy Elliot, she’s got a cool free-flowing style that’s all her own.

Photo Credit: Google

Billboard once gave her a full tribute in 2015 which is unsurprising considering the transformative routine seen in Lose Control, Get Your Freak On or her latest original production happens to be.

3. Rihanna

Photo Credit: Google

When this Caribbean beauty arrived on the scene, her physical grace and sexualized demeanor were part of the appeal.

Photo Credit: Google

Over the years, she’s increasingly willing to show us a little more via dancing, most notable in her enticing work collaboration with Drake, Rihanna is also known to twerk it out occasionally.

4. Shakira

Photo Credit: Google

Before there was YouTube, there was MTV’s Total Request Live, and dance enthusiasts were made sure to record the endless stream of Shakira music videos.

Photo Credit: Google

Already a major Colombian star when she crossed over to the US, Shakira showed the world that Latin America is a region rich in culture and distinct styles differing from country to country.

5. Beyoncé

Photo Credit: Google

Yet another musical icon that emerged in the late 90s, this influential artist first turned heads as a member of Destiny’s Child, she made her mark years before she ventured off on her own.

Photo Credit: Google

However, it was in the 2000s that she truly elevated from the star to pop-culture icon.

6. Janet Jackson

Photo Credit: Google

The icon, the legend, the woman who inspired a Rhythm Nation. In a time when her brother, Michael was the most recognized face in the world, Janet went ahead and

Photo Credit: Google

established herself as one of the most influential artists of the 80s; from 1989 to Rhythm Nation, to the influential follow-up titled Janet in 1993. Each production was highly anticipated not just for the music but for how Janet expressed herself on stage.

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