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Zee World Fans: See The best Couple In Zee Series

7. Naren and Pooja (Deception)

Naren and pooja are the main characters in the Zee series Deception.They are seen as a very nice combination, though the couple were very different because of the way they think. The couple finally fell madly in love with each other and fought against any obstacle that come to disrupt their love together.

6. Lakan and Poonam (Begusarai)

Lakan and Poonam in the series Begusarai was also a nice power couple. Even though they were not on the same page initially as Lakan was very authoritative and Poonam was in love with someone else they later got to know and understand each other better.

5. Sahil and Vedica (Age is just a number)

This love situation was extraordinary as Vedica was very much older than Sahil. Their love was awkward and criticized by society but they both fought against all odds to make their relationship work.

4. Jodah and Akbar (Jodah and Akbar)

Jodah was a princess forced to marry the powerful king and political leader of the Mughal empire Akbar. At first there was hostility among couple as it was not a love marriage, but later their bond led to true love.

3. Abby and Pragya (Twist of Fate)

Abby and Pragya in the series Twist of Fate were also still seen as one of the best couple in Zee series. The duo were two different people as Pragya was very reserved and Abby was carefree and very free spirited. Fortunately, love later found it's way into their hearts.

2. Mekek and Shaurya ( Mehek)

Mehek and Shaurya did not get along with each other at first because of their social status. They couple later fell in love with each other despite the obstacles that were against their union.

1. Zara and Kabir (Zara's Nikah)

The number one on our list is the latest Zee series couple Zara and Kabir in Zara's Nikah. This two people are of totally different perspective and personality. Even though forced into an arranged marraige, it is alarming of the great unspoken love they have for each other.

Please follow and comment your favorite couple.

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