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Zee World Fans: Adorable Photos Of Zee Actors And Actresses Together With Their Pets.

Zee World has continued to impress us with their unending fascinating series. They have grown to be one of the most respected and adorned TV channels.

All of this would have not been done without the endless effort of their actors and actresses. 

This article conveys the relationship between famous Zee actors and actresses with animals (pets).

There are so many Zee casts that have pets, but today we're to look at the top 5, and they are; 

1. Gurmeet and Debina.

These couples are really obsessed with animals, especially dogs. They have two dogs now. Their first dog is named Dexter while the second one is named Lucky. 

2. Shabbir Ahluwalia (Abhi). 

The TV star, Abhi, is an absolute animal lover. He has a dog named Magnus that nearly equates the height of the star. 

3. Sanjay Gagnani. 

It seems like all Zee World actors and actresses love dogs. Sanjay is also not left out of this. He has a dog called "flirty." He even loved his dog more than human beings at some times.

4. Ravi Dubey (Siddharth).

Siddharth is not only a hero in movies, he is also a hero in the animal world. He has a pet known as "Moyo" that he often shows off on instagram. 

What is your take on this? Which of the Zee casts have the best pet.

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