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Spider Man 3 - Cast, plot, release date and all you need to know

Here is all you need to know about Spider Man 3

Release Date

Initially slated for July 16th 2021, the movie has been shifted all the way to November 5 2021,even as Black Widow was also shifted to November 1,2021.

The movie which was to feature as much of the anticipated MCU phase 4,may now be among the phase 5.


Of course Tom Holland will be back as Spider Man,and he will probably be joined by Zendaya as MJ.

Jake Gyllenhaal could also come back as Mysterio. Given his trickster ways,am not sure that injury on the bridge in 'Far from home' could stop him. So,we should also expect to see him.

We should also be expecting Jacob Batalon as Peter's BFF Ned(the duo seems quite inseparable though).

Marisa Tomei may also play Aunt May, alongside Happy Hogan as Jon Favreau, although am not sure if their supposed romance will continue.

So the above are the main characters we are expecting,and I am not going into details about other characters who may be dropped anytime.


This is where fans predictions about the movie comes in. Ever since the release of 'Far from home',MCU fans have been guessing what name the sequel of the movie will take.

I was tempted to use 'Spider Man- Home At Last' as the title of this article,but I am also conscious of my pledge not to give fake news to my fellowers,so I won't compromise on that.

The floor is open for anybody to guess what the name of this movie is likely to be,and you are free to do so.

Below are suggestions made by MCU fans

Spider Man: Home,Sweet Home

Spider Man: Homeless

Spider Man: Welcome Home

Spider Man: Home Run

Spider Man: Home At Last

The list is endless,and you can drop your views on what name you think the movie could take.


To get this correctly,we have to analyze what happened at the ending scenes of 'Far from home'.

After Mysterio is defeated by Peter Parker on the bridge,he makes a public announcement declaring Peter a villain and revealing his real identity. Peter is shocked especially as MJ was there with him then.

Looking at it critically, Mysterio may come back,and then Peter will have to clear his name. So,am not sure of how the plot will be right now,but as we advance into 2021,we will get a clearer and better perspective on that.


Sadly,there is no trailer yet for this movie,but all we have to do now is just wait.

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