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See pictures that prove that Sophie Alakija is the most beautiful woman in Nollywood

Sophie Alakija was born into a muslim home and she grew up in Lagos state. Her parents are Efik and Lebanese, so she's only partly Nigerian. She has been said to be wizkid's ex girlfriend because of a few pictures of them together and her appearance in the video of the song 'Holla at your boy, she once opined on air that she would really prefer if people didn't refer to her as 'wizkid's ex' because she has a name and a life of her own, and she doesn't want her identity to be a shadow of someone else's fame.

She is married to the son of one of the richest women in Africa, Folorunsho Alakija. Sophie Alakija and her husband Wale Alakija have been blessed with 2 children. Sophie has been rumoured to have left her marriage to live a life of freedom, she has also been said to have deleted all pictures of her family on social media, but I can't say for certain what the actual details of this gist is, all i know is just the rumours brewing around with people speculating and giving their opinions, because i feel there seems to be more to it than the conclusions people are drawing about how she prefers a loose lifestyle to her marriage, that just sounds to me like a narrative in favour of one side.

Anyway, not to digress from the main reason this article was collated. These pictures will prove to you beyond reasonable doubt that Sophie is indeed the prettiest lady in the Nollywood movie industry.

Picture perfect in pink, Sophie has one of those aquiline features that are just not something you see everyday, this is majorly because of her lebsnese heritage.

A picture of her embracing her muslim and Lebanese culture. This is just not something anybody can recreate.

Here is Sophie on her wedding day with a bronzed makeup that exhibits perfection, makeup doesn't make her prettier or changes her face, it just portrays her beauty and makes her features bolder.

Not everyone can pull the 'blue hair' look off without looking boogie and ratchet but Sophie is a spec, just look at her doing it effortlessly.

This is for those of you who don't consider people wearing makeup as beautiful because you see it more as a disguise than anything else, here is Sophie in her full glory and natural hair. Now, tell me, who else in Nollywood can beat this type of beauty.Sorry, I can't see your comments, her shining beauty is blinding.

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