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Meet Ukpabio, The Controversial "Witch Hunter" Of Akwa Ibom

The popular prophet, Helen Ukpabio is a self acclaimed professional witch hunter . She is the founder of Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministry . Ukpabio is a christian preacher who has been able to spread her weird view of Christianity to many homes in Akwa Ibom state. The sellf acclaimed professional witch hunter had her education in the South-eastern Nigeria. She has used her media influence to incite fear and eventual maiming of innocent children accused of being witches. Helen Ukpabio beliefs calls for urgent attention. She has infiltrated many minds with such beliefs. She believes that Satan has the ability to manifest himself in the bodies of children by a way of demonic possession thereby making them become his servants in the form of witches and wizards.

In one of her film "End Of The Wicked" Ukpabio brought to light her view that"Children become possesed by evil spirits".

Her ability to exploit superstitious beliefs and infuse them with Christian beliefs is her greatest weapon . Her main focus has always been spiritual attack, demonic possession and witchcraft.

She uses technology to introduce her teachings to the illiterate villagers who believe so much in what she says and thereby creating an army of extremist .

This is a scene in one of her movie

*I want to kill that small girl*

In one of her book "Unveiling Three Mysteries Of Witchcrafts she wrote.

" Under the ages of two, the child screams at night, cries, is always feverish suddenly deteriorates in heath, puts up an attribute of fear , and may not feed well"

To Akpabio, If your child exhibit any of the above symptoms and such a child is under the age of two , then she or he is suffering from demonic possession .

In Akwa Ibom exorcism is now a profitable business. Parents take their children to exorcists who make proclamations on their children . The irony of it is that when such child is declared "Witch" The parents will chase them out of the house or hand them over to angry mobs who burn them alive or beat them to death.

Do you all remember Hope?. The 2-year-old Child who was left to die on the street of Uyo by his parents because of this type of preaching

This is Hope the 2-year- old child who was abandoned to die on the street of Uyo because his parents believed he was a witch

This is hope left wanderimg on the street of Uyo to die until he was sabed by Anja Ringgren Loven , a child social worker.

And this is Hope now. Imagine if Anja did not save him , he would have died as a witch.

There are many others who die as a result of many inciteful teachings and superstitious beliefs.

Her activities has attracted a lot of attention all over the world. Her churches are in Ghana, Cameroon etc.

She incites violence against imputed witches who are vulnerable members of the society , women and children

In 2014 , Ukpabio brought a libel case against The British Humanist Association (BHA) and Witchcraft And Human Rights Information Network (WHRIM) seeking a damage of €500, 000, 000

Ukpabio uses her power and influence to send her army of religious fanatics to disrupt activities of humanist movements against her. A case to remember was in 2009 , when she used mobs to disrupt a meeting led by humanist Leo Igwe.

Britain banned her from coming into her territory after pressures mounted from different quarters.

Recently she buried her father Pa Chief Essien in a paw paw shaped casket.

Ukpabio fthers corpse

Ukpabio dances on the day ofher fathers burial ceremony

Undertakers about to bury Ukpabio father

This shows how what beliefs can do to so many people

She seems to enjoy the affluence of wealth she has amassed through her ministry

Manipulation of christian belies today has become something prevalent in African societies today. It is time it stop.

Photo credit : Lindaikejiblog, google.

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