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I Have Your Type At Home: See What This Angry Lady Said About Igbo Men

We all know in Nigeria, we have different cultures, norms and believes. Basically there are three major tribes in Nigeria, the Hausa-Fulani, Igbo and Yoruba. This woman had an out burst online about Igbo men.

A lady by the name Uloma on Instagram said what Igbo men do is to demand for male children, grab their dead brothers property's and throw his widow out preventing their own widowed mothers from remarry and stops their wives from working or earning.

She later went ahead to say 95 percent of any family in this order are typically Igbo families resulting from the behavior of their men.

She said Igbo men would rather die than accept their women are not a mere property to be sold and bargained for meaning that Igbo men sell off their daughters or women ( in marriage or sort) making them a property to be bargained for.

Also talked about the Umu Ada ( Peoples First Daughters) torturing widows all around internalised misogyny( hatred for women)

And she praised Igbo woman saying "I realized how they are the strongest and most successful women I know yet their internalised misogyny is so deep".

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