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The Best Celebrity-Read Audio Books to help you fall Aseep

If you are lying in bed, rolling over and unable to sleep, remember the bedtime story told by celebrities.

These audiobooks offer a comforting moment from childhood when you read a story in bed, which helps you clear your mind of any stress and focus on storytelling.

Tranquility is a sleep aid program that offers guided meditation, breathing exercises, soothing music and sleep stories. Since its launch in 2016, Calm has amassed more than 100 million listeners; it has amassed an audio library of more than 100 bedtime stories designed specifically to ensure you never get to the end.

You can recognize the soothing sounds of some of their stories as Peace has gained some well-known readers.

Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey reads the 35-minute short story "Miracle" about the mysteries and wonders of the universe. It also includes a two-minute preface in which McConaughey in his soothing southern line asks big abstract questions, such as "How often do we reflect on the depth of the present moment?"

British Emmy winner Stephen Fry, a reader of all seven Harry Potter audiobooks, talks about Blue Gold. This is a sweet-sounding tale about peaceful cities and famous lavender fields in Provence, France. Almost synthetic, descriptive prose evokes a sense of wind, capturing the aroma of lavender.

Attached is the late TV legend Bob Ross. His "Joy of Painting" series has turned into a cult due to its beneficial and calming effect on viewers. The show turned into an amazing audio.

 "Before Kalm, there were quiet stories by Bob Ross. Now you can get both, ”said Alex Tune, co-founder of Calm. "We have so many Low Users asking us about Bob Ross's dream story. He was a hero, he stayed until his sleep. "

Dr. Steve Orman is a clinical psychologist who specializes in sleep and is a scientific advisor to Calm. He says the secret to the success of adult fairy tales lies in waking up to sleep. When it comes time to sleep, it is difficult to relieve stress in your daily life.

"It is difficult to sleep at this stage of anxiety. The user links the stories to sleep, so signals are sent to the brain and body that the couple will connect. And the soothing voice of history and neutral themes put the mind at rest. Helps enlighten the mind and body.

So the next time you have a sleepless night, correct the insomniac story told by celebrities.

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