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Repentant slay queen who supposedly slept with about 5,000 men (she might have employed hyperbole)

The repentant slay queen told this to Accra-based Okay FM. She goes by name Bongo Depharaa. She said her promiscuous lifestyle began when she started sleeping with boys at the cemetery moments after her mum passed away. She later moved to Accra to practice prostitution as a slay queen.

She also revealed she normally goes to get powers under the sea where she is given a snakes to put in her private part so as to be in control of the men she sleeps with. She and her friends are also given waist beads anklets rings etc. to prevent the men from ejaculating especially when he doesn’t match their taste. 

She also said on the radio show that her clients includes musicians, pastors, yahoo boys etc.

Watch the video interview below with this link

With all this going on in the world, men should be careful with who they meet as the not to destroy their lives.

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Accra Accra-based Bongo Okay FM.


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