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Check Out These Mindblowing Easter Movies For Both Adults And Kids

Easter is usually dominated with funfilled activities and spiritual exercises by virtue of its numerous significance in the life of every Christain.

So in the spirit of Easter, we have deemed it fit to gather some Christian and hillarious movies ranging from epic to animations that will surely motivate adults and kids to reflect on the true essence of this celebration while having fun.

Let's take a look at them.

1. Son of God

This unique movie encompasses the entire life and ministry of Jesus Christ on earth, ranging from his birth down to his pathetic death and resurrection that brought hope to us. How detailed!

Source: Son of God

2. An Easter carol

How children love fun! well this movie sure delivers.

This dramatic tale follows everyone's favorite vegetables as they attempt to persuade the cranky mr Nezer from destroying a church to make way for his amusement park. Watch to see how they achieved this. It further includes laughs, songs and some significance of Easter.

Source: Whatsoever Critic

3. The passion of the Christ

If you are looking for a raw and real movie about the death of Christ? The passion of Christ sure serves. This most famous Christian movie captures every moment of fear, pain, emotions and brutality associated with the crucifixion of Christ.

Source: Indiewire

4. The Dog Who Saved Easter

Fun is everly a part of Easter celebration and it isn't missing in this movie. It features the story of Zeus, who was kept in a dog care facility as his family goes on a trip. While having fun, someone interrupts by attempting to sabotage the kennel where he is staying. Watch how him and his friends tries to save the day.

Source: Microsoft

5. Chocolat

This treasure of a movie tells the tale of a traditional French village who were provoked after an impulsive woman and her daughter open a chocolate shop which contrasts with the lent season. In this season, the villagers deprive themselves of some foods, including chocolates. How daring!

Find out how the town's priest tries to reconcile Vivian's shop with the spirit of holiday.

Which of these movies would you love to watch first?

I recommend "Son Of God."

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