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Right or Wrong? Man Gets Mixed Reactions For Doing These For His Wife

Many people don't believe that love could make them do things that are against their will. Men who help their wives in certain things they can do by themselves gets criticisms from their fellow men. Most men believe that there are thing only ladies should in a family and his her man engage in those stuff it makes him look stupid and being taken for granted.

Not minding the social critic, some loving men tends to help their wives with such things, like cleaning the house, helping to wash children clothes, fetching water and even help them to cook. They believe that their women needs help and they are always available to help.

This is the same as the story of a man seen helping his wife the back their child and carrying the other in his hands. While his woman was seen walking along with him, carrying just a bag. The man got some many reactions form social media users who where not happy with what they saw him doing.

Right or Wrong?

Is this man doing the right thing by helping his wife or is he being stupid or taken for granted by his wife?

See the reactions he got from people

If she is your wife will you help her like this?

Drop your comment below!

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