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Reasons why Jackie Chan is more popular than Jet Li(opinion)

Growing up as kid i really enjoyed watching Chinese films

I thank God that my childhood was Funful also thanks to Jackie chan and Jetli for making my every day back then interesting 

But Among this two actors one has being very unique,exception and special

After reading this article you will see the reason why Jackie chan is a better actor than Jetli

Facts about Jet Li

Always concentrated

Not interested In women

Mission freak

Good fighter(in movies)

But one thing i notice about Jetli movies is that most of his moves and fighting skills are mostly film tricks 

They can be easily detected by viewers because of too much video editing 

Unlike Jackie Chan

His skills are understandable

His movies are realistic there is always a behind the scene for jackie chan but no such for a jetli movie

Jackie chan is also funny and can associated with anybody.

Jackie chan is popularly know by every kids more than Jet li.

Nevertheless both actors fought in the movie "FORBIDDEN KINGDOM" though it was a tie but i will give credit to jetli because he got a pretty good style of fighting but Jackie chan made the movie more interesting and exciting to watch

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