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Can You Do Any Of These Jobs For 5 Million Naira Monthly?

Can You Do Any Of These Jobs For 5 Million Naira Monthly? 

Hello and welcome to my page, today I will be asking a quiz question and I want to hear your opinion in the comment section down below. Every person's opinion. 

A lot of people complain about lack of jobs so my question is would you do any of these low end jobs even if the pay was 5 million. Here are the jobs. 

A. Perfume tester: you would have to perceive the scent of perfumes from peoples body to check if it is good enough. 

B. Washing of dead bodies: your job would be to wash dead bodies in the mortuary and keep them clean until they are buried. 

Enjoy, you can leave a comment below and please do not forget to share this article to your family and friends on whatsapp and Facebook and any other social media plat form this would encourage us to post more. 

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