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Ka3na Gets Support From Fans After Getting Trolled By Celebrities On Social Media

Ka3na's fans have shown her a lot of love and support even after she got heavily trolled by Nigerians and celebrities because of what she did to the lady who tattooed her name on her thigh.

One may think that Ka3na would have lost a lot of fans after she embarrassed her fan publicly. But the reverse is the case, as Ka3na has received encouraging words from her fans around the continent.

Her fans supported her actions, while they continued to shower her with love. Even a 13 year old girl showed her love for Ka3na and commended her for trying to reach the fan who drew a tattoo of her name, even after she dragged her on social media.

Ka3na showed off this massive show of support on her social media, thanking them for their love and loyalty. See her posts below.

Well, what is your own opinion about all the love and support Ka3na is receiving from her fans even after she berated her fan publicly? Do you support her?

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