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Remember The Pregnant Man, See How He Gave Birth

We have all heard of the man that gave birth, it is no more a new thing for men to give birth these days. I know alot of people are wondering how they did it, where did the baby come from, and how they gave birth. I will explain to you, and show you pictures of how Thomas Beatie gave birth.

Thomas Beatie was born a female, before transitioning into a man, it was In March 2002 that he underwent reassignment surgery. Beatie later got married to his wife, Nancy Gillespie, who is unable to bear children.

Thomas Beatie decide to bear his own children and become pregnant, due to the fact that he retained his female reproductive system. He carried and gave birth to his 3 children, he was impregnated through donors.

He gave birth just like every normal Woman does, He pushed his baby out during Labor, See pictures of how he gave birth below;

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