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Fiction: Tales Of Ava The Green Mermaid And The Petals Of Life(Part 2)

......... After the Petals of Life was given to him, the young man received life and then Ava (green mermaid) whispered "wake up, wake up" into his ears and then he finally opens his eyes. The young man was surprised to be alive. He asked Ava what happened, and then Ava said "follow me, I've got to show you something," so they both left.

Unfortunately for them, the hunter again sighted them and then Ava quickly took the young man to where she wanted to show him, in order to escape from the hunter.

She succeeded in taking the young man to a safe place where the Petals of life and the mystery behind it were revealed to him.

Ava said, "Lily is my life, so i gave you part of me to revive you." The young man felt special and they instantly saw the hunter again, except this time he was coming towards the Petals of Life because it seems to be very attractive.

"If that flower is picked, I'm going to die," Ava said at once as the hunter approaches the Petals of life. The young man hit the hunter quickly but it was too late because he had already touched the flowers.

Little by little, Ava was dying and finally gave up. The youngster screamed and blamed himself for everything that happened to Ava. But after he placed Ava 's hand on his chest unknowingly, something strangely happened. Available got part of the life she had previously offered the young man and she returned to life.kindly drop your comments below and you can go further by Liking and Sharing. Don't forget to hit the follow button for more stories.

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Ava Green Mermaid Petals of Life


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