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Prayers & Thanksgiving: How These 2 Spiritual Principles Contributed To White Money's Success

A good number of people underestimate the length the power of prayer and thanksgiving can go in a man's life. A man like White Money understood the importance of these 2 spiritual principles and leveraged them for his success in the bbnaija reality show.

This article will explain how White Money demonstrated on two different occasions the importance of these two spiritual principles; prayers and Thanksgiving that eventually contributed massively to his success.

1) The first demonstration was the first day he entered the bbnaija house as one of the contestants. While his fellow male contestants shook hands and welcomed each other, White Money knelt at the center of the sitting room, raised his hands, said a short prayer, and thanked God for giving him a chance at the reality show after trying for 4 years.

2) The second occasion he demonstrated this spiritual principle was the day he escaped eviction. After Ebuka, the bbnaija host told him he was safe from the eviction, White Money went to a corner in the kitchen and shed tears of joy and appreciation to God.

He glorified and sang unto God in the Igbo dialect, said a short prayer, wiped his tears, and went back to join the housemates.

White Money believed so much that God had a good plan for him, he shared that spiritual side of him with some of the housemates he bonded with. One of his favorite quotes;

" Who God has destined to bless, no man can curse"

And indeed he was blessed that he eventually emerged as the winner of the 2021 bbnaija reality show.

Some people line up prayer requests for God to answer without thanking him for the one he did. An Igbo adage says; " When you thank a person for things done, he or she will be fueled up to do more". Appreciation opens doors that may not open with prayers. For every prayer White Money made, he backed it up with Thanksgiving.

Photo Credit: Instagram/White Money

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