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These 7 Women Are The Most Rugged Female Nollywood Celebrities In Nigeria [PICTURES]

Nigeria Nollywood Industry has been recognised to be among the most competitive film industries in the world. This industry have influenced both the actors and the actresses in a lot of ways more importantly in their appearance and their mannerism about their profession. Today, many of these actresses in Nollywood Industry have up their games to become a rugged personalities.

In these publications, we shall be reviewing seven most rugged personalities in the Nigeria Nollywood Industry.

These are actress who have taken up different kind of roles without this about their viewers perception about them unlike some others who pick roles because they don't want to be a major controversy topic in the society.

These ones have engaged themselves in series of scenes that eventually ended them up in merciless Jaws of controversy but it hasn't reduced them and their acting skills as they continue to live their lives. It noticed about some that, they don't just end their weird roles in locations, they privately continued in weird acts.


Obviously, this is a lady who has transformed her attractive and innocent-looking appearance into a phenomenal figure in the Nigerian entertainment scene. you don't want to take ruggedness from King Tonto as almost everything about this lady has an element of controversy, the more reason why many were of the opinion she couldn't earn to herself an endorsement deals like most of her colleagues. But it doesn't look like she cares. Life goes on with Tonto always.

She has been seen several times in movies smoking most especially in "Dirty Secret"

But the candid truth is, her ruggedness has contributed greatly she desires and she is today. Obviously, controversy sells fast.


Obviously, one would have expected Mercy Johnson to be on the top of the table. But ever since she got married to Prince Okojie, her way of life change.

Ever since Nollywood Industry has become a major sector to reckon with in Nigeria in the last ten years, she with immediate effect rose her reputation that the masses could not do without talking about.

How can we forget in hurry her scenes in Shakira and The Heart of Men. The controversies and speculations about her alone is worth a life time.

She's been seen in so many movies smoking and even flaunting or showcasing her God's giving endowments without being apologetic about it.

If you truly want justice to a rugged roles in movies, just put a class through to Mercy Johnson, she's so perfect in interpreting roles in movies. She can act anything.

Obviously, her marriage is working and ever since she got into the relationship, she's become a changed person but Nigerians can never forget her ruggedness in Nollywood movies.


Angela Okorie can be classified among the most hard working ladies in Nollywood Industry in Nigeria, she has done very well for herself by working the ladder to the top of her career.

Obviously, she is among those ladies who believe passionately that what fans and family say about them doesn't really matter. She's also one of those who smoke in movies and she doesn't care.

She's popularly known for her strength and enthusiasm and these is the reasons she plays tough roles in movies.


Nollywood lovers see this amazing star as the new version of Mercy Johnson for this generation. As she's completely taken up the mantle of being rugged from Mercy. A lot of people believe that her striking personality is one of the things that propelled her to the top of her career. Well, can't really say much about that, but she's indeed beautiful and blessed.

She obviously understands her herself, the more reason why she finds it so easy to display herself on social media and in her movies. She's been seen so many times in movies smoking, handling guns, flirting, fighting, drinking among many other rugged acts.


I call her the world class Shan George, before stepping aside a bit, this lady can be classified among one of the most rugged female Nollywood celebrities in Nigeria. She plays very tough roles and interpretes them well.

Smoking in movies was a soft work for her and some of our findings has it that she does smoke for in real.

Though it seems she has stopped aside for a while but the memories she's created will forever be evergreen in our hearts.


Anita Anita, no one dares compile this kind of list without involving her. One of the hottest as well. She loves enjoying herself in movies with concerns. The kind of roles she plays are synonymous in a way to her predecessor above.

The following are her controversies discussions: uploading provocative photos online, smoking and among many others. Well, it seems to me, those are the things she loves her fans to see about her

Obviously, today she's on top of her game.


Have always asked this question and I'll want you to answer me in the comment section, is it really Cossy that is famous or her assets cause basically to me, that's what she's known for. She smokes a lot in movies, found so many times on her social media platforms uploading weird photos and some other scandals.

But her fans really love her style of acting.

We still look at some of her old movies and wince, and remember her for those roles.

So let's have your opinion, which of these ladies is your favorite? Who else suppose to make this list that isn't here?

Drop your thought in the comment box below and don't forget to click on the follow button, like and share.

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