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Take a look at one of world best dancers : Ayo and Teo " the reverse kings "

If you are a very good fan of dance you are meant to be familiar with this duo we are talking about. They are very popular dancers known by their stage name " Ayo and Teo ". They are also known as the reverse kings. You may be one of their greatest fans but do you really know every thing there is to know about them. This article is going to be showing you some facts about Ayo and Teo. Scroll down to read more.

1. Ayo was born October 30 , 1996 ( 23 years ) while Teo was born August 29 , 1999 (20 years ).

2. They both originated from Ypsilanti , Michigan , United States.

3. They have been dancing since 2014 till now.

4. They are not related they met in high school.

5. Their first video on You tube was posted on November 6 , 2014. It had more than 1 million views.

6. Their net worth is $5 million.

7.They love wearing masks.

8. They wear their trousers backwards.

9. Their wear two different shoes when they dance.

10. They have met various celebrities such as Chris Brown , Usher and so on.

Check out some of Ayo and Teo pictures :Now that you have known more about Ayo and Teo. What can you say about them ? Are they really the good dancers we think they are ? We will be glad to see your comments.

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