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40 Funny Memes to Brighten your Day

1.) Egungun Be careful2.) you say wetin?3.) Nothing here to see just the Head boy giving announcement4.) Something positive will happen to you5.) I had no idea you were this tall. want some cookies?6.) G.T.A Fans where are you. If this happens i will spend thousands of years begging forgiveness7.) When they cough pull the trigger8.) You dey smile9.)10.) look!!!11.) *Dad asleep*

Me: changes channel

Dad:12.) Every time13.) Bonaza Bonaza!!!14.)15.) What i imagine16.)17.) I Cover my yansh with the Blood of God18.)19.) *Nowhere*


21.) 300k+500k=?22.) Looks like someone is flying to Heaven23.) Lets settle this once and for all24.) I will call you back am Driving25.)26.) Few years from now27.) Geralt of Rivia: FUCK!!!28.) Pretty much29.) My love for music30.) Astronomia31.) I trying to help you32.

33.) Star Lord34.) Yay my face35.) LOL So true36.) Thanksgiving37.) i cant stop laughing38.) How dumb are you?39.) Answer truthfully40.) Hate it when it Happens

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Bonaza Bonaza Egungun Be G.T.A LOL


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