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"Sometimes I delete tweets when I sense that I'm about to explain myself to people" - Beverly Naya

The truth is that you can't impress everyone. Most times people just don't want to understand you no matter how hard you try explaining yourself to them. You can give silence,since it's the best answer to a fool.

Beverly Naya made a tweet on this earlier. According to her. Some people just decide to misunderstand you no matter how right you are. So her own therapy to this is that she deletes the conversation when she don't have time to argue about it.

She also stated that she have learned never to create time for such argument. So she deletes them to avoid unnecessary arguments.

In her words;

"Sometimes I delete tweets when I sense that I’m about to explain myself to people who are determined to misunderstand me. 

I’ve learned to never create time for that, I’d rather delete to avoid the temptation."

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Beverly Naya


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