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See Photos that proved "REINCARNATION" maybe Real

There's always a debate whether time travel really exists, if people lived in another time, die and come back to life. Or is it nature playing prank with our eyesight. 

In this rare and perfect look alike photos you'll see famous people we know now, and people who have existed before, both sharing the same look. 

But the perfect word to use for this discovery is 


(1) Keanu Reeves and French actor Paul Mounet

Both are actors, same look and charm, if Paul Mounet isn't a painting in this picture, it would've been difficult to different both actors. Both are really good-looking gentleman and classy.

(2) Alec Baldwin and the 13th President of the United States, Millard Fillmore

Both men are from the US, but the former US president Fillmore, maybe a bit bulkier than Baldwin. Other than the difference in meat, both men are same, I think, there's nothing to differentiate the two.

(3) Liam Neeson and Cuban's Fidel Castro

There's really no difference between Fidel Castro and Liam here. Okay let's just say both are the same person, but they were born in different lifetime. I'm trying to find anything to differentiate the two but I can't, did you find any?

(4). Orlando Bloom and Nicolae Grigorescu

Orlando Bloom played Legolas from the sequel Lord of the Rings, here's his look alike. He was a famous painter from the 19th century.

(5) Jack Gleeson and the Roman emperor Caligula

Jack was the son of Queen Cercei Lannister, in Game of Thrones, the most popular series we all saw, everyone hated him for the role of King Joffrey Baratheon. 

 If truly he existed before, then he was born a king, but it's definitely not in the movies anymore because, he's a replica of Roman emperor Caligula.

(6) Peter Dinklage and Don Sebastián de Morra

Another cast from the popular series Game of Thrones. Peter Dinklage and Sebastian de Morra have a thing in common, that one thing is both men served kings, remember Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones was a hand to Qaleesi the Mother of Dragons. He was loyal to her and served her well. 

So did Sebastian de Morra. But although Peter Dinklage served a Queen in a movie and Sebastian was a court dwarf and jester at the court of King Philip IV of Spain. At least it still counts as serving a king for both men right?

(7) Justin Timberlake and unidentified Man

I don't know who the other man is but, Justin Timberlake sure looks like him and I know you agree with me on this too. 

(8) Johnny Depp and picture of a great grandpa posted on Reddit

A Reddit user posted the picture of his great granddad on the site and, one can't help but marvel on this one. These men share no bloodline, yet you can argue that this is Johnny Depp in a retro movie cast. 

(Photo credits: and Reddit)

What do you think about these pictures, is it possible people live through time, is reincarnation real or not?

Content created and supplied by: LexObinna (via Opera News )

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