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Remember Oladee The Crying Guy On Social Media? Check His Other Funny Photos

Remember Oladee The Crying Guy On Social Media? Check His Other Funny Photos

The picture of this little guy is used everywhere on the social media that anyone who wants to express a laughing state for humor purpose, uses the meme or sticker and this evoke laughter in whoever sees it. At a time, people didn't know who he really was but later on, the guy in question identified himself and explained the incidence that led to that which was even about a decage ago. Also, he didn't know his 'throwback' was being used until he saw it himself and reacted to it.

The Head Sticker Boy, whose real name is _Oladee_, got his photos used for memes which is very popular and used everywhere to show a sense of humor on the social media. His crying memes are used to make crying or laughing crying stickers. Oladee is a student of one of the most reputable universities in Nigeria - University of Ilorin.

His pictures had gone viral on air before he learnt of it and he expressed his surprise to what he saw because it was only a picture of him when he was a little boy compared to how he is now. In reaction to his wailing photos which had caused the users to ask why such a little kid could be shedding hot tears in such manner, he said :

The incident took place a decade ago while he was at his grandmother’s house in the village. Things were a bit tough at the time and putting food on the table was difficult. One day, his granny gave him #200 to buy garri for the day but instead of using it for that purpose, he and a friend sought means to double the money by playing a gamble (dice). Unfortunately for him, he ended up losing the entire money.

So the loss of the money made him cry with the hope that his fellow gamblers would have pity on him, perhaps give him some money back. Also, when he remembered the type of grandmother he had, he knew that there would be no food that day and even the following day.

All those factors made him put passion in the cry so as to evoke pity that maybe his money would be returned to him and that the impending punishment from his grandmother would be averted.

Personally, I feel a bit empathic anytime any of his stickers or memes is sent or shared either on WhatsApp page or Facebook page, even on twitter. I ask why a parent could beat a child to such extent. You know he was ugly in the picture right, so that crying posture added more to his ugliness but now that he had related what led to the incident, I can now relate with it because our African parents won't hesitate to melt punishment on a child whenever he disobeys or turn deaf ears to their instructions.

His other funny stickers:

Drop a word for this guy. He has really made us laugh in one way or the other.

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