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Husband and wife relationship

Lolo Ifunaya Reacts After Igbo Husband Called Her " Nnukwu Engine "

Writing from the opinions and testimonies of majority of women across the globe,igbo men are usually picked as quality for a good husband material. This is because Igbo men know the way around a woman's heart. They know how to spoil a woman with goodies and love. They carry the responsibilities of both their own family and that of their in-laws. The pride of an Igbo man is his wife. An Igbo man would rather spend money in buying his wife expensive clothings, jewelries, cars than buying for himself. He sees himself as the "odogwu" that must keep his pride. No wonder, they are regarded as one of the most industrious. The joy of every single Igbo man is to provide a comfortable life for his family.

Igbo men in gatheringIt is because of their zeal in taking care of their women that they are sought after by women of many tribes. And when this women find an Igbo husband material, they do everything to ensure that he is respected. The key to the heart of every Igbo man is good food and respect.

A German lady called Lolo Ifunaya has reacted to what her Igbo husband called her. Lolo Ifunaya and her husband Chika were taking a stroll on a Sunday afternoon while making a Facebook live broadcast at the same time. In the live broadcast, Lolo Ifunaya asked her husband Chika to call her one sweet name. Chika responding to his wife's request called her " Nnukwu Engine".

Lolo Ifunaya and Her Igbo Husband ChikaLolo Ifunaya, Husband and KidsBeing the fact that she is not Igbo even tho she speaks bits of it. Lolo Ifunaya was flabbergasted by that name and proceeded to ask her Igbo fans what he meant by " Nnukwu Engine".

Her Igbo fans who adores and loves the way this German woman has taken Igbo people to be her own started giving her answers and showering her praises and accolades. According to the answers given by the Igbo people on her friends list, "Nnukwu Engine" means "Big Engine". And when a man tells a woman that she is "Big Engine", it means she is blessed all round as a woman.

Igbo Fan's reply to Lolo Ifunaya

Interracial marriage is a wonderful thing. I appreciate the fact that despite the different background and orientation, they still find a way to make it work. Lolo Ifunaya and her Igbo husband Chika are an inspiration to people. The take out from this piece is; Language or country of origin is not a barrier to loving someone. Such type of marriages should be encouraged so as to promote peace amongst ourselves.

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