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Calabar girls are not only good in bed- Nollywood actress, Inem Peter defend her tribe

The belief of many Nigerians against the Calabar people especially their girls is so unbelievably and so much funny. What many Nigerian see them as is that any one of Calabar girls that doesn't no how to cook is a fake one and need to be test if she is not a bastard. Also there has been many criticizing the Calabar people also as the only tribe who their girls are perfect and good on bed. This has been so disgusting and disgracing to Many of the Calabar girls because that is the only two characters many Nigerian Know them for.

Nollywood actress Inem Peter has defended her tribe, revealing her anger and disgust when people expect people from a particular tribe (calabar girls) to be a cook or pornstar. In a recent interview, the curvy actress noted that she is tired of hearing such comments and other about Calabar girls, noting that they are loving , hardworking, intelligent and specially created by God.

It is very annoying. Each time I say I am a Calabar girl, most men wants me to cook for them or be their personal porn star. The Calabar girl thing is something I am tired of hearing. I want everybody to know that I am tired of hearing that a Calabar girl is only good in bed and kitchen. ”

To Many that are thinking Calabar girls didn't know anything except food and sex, I am here to prove many men wrong. There are many Calabar girls I know, aside the fact that they are loving, hardworking and intelligent, Calabar or Akwa-Ibom girls are specially created. They are blessed, they take good care of their man more than any other tribe“, she said.

Criticizing one tribe is totally wrong as a Nigerian because we are all the same. God created every tribe and everyone with any type of gift he wants for them, he is the supernatural creator that know the reason why he did it that way. Either Yoruba, hausa, Igbo or Calabar we are all created with special gift. Despite calling one tribe as the only tribe that loving doing it on bed, what about the only tribe that love eating pepper raw.

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