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Who Should The Man Hug First After Traveling Abroad For Over 5years - The Wife Or The Mother?

God bless all women all over the world. The joy of every women is to have a child, train them to become successful in life and have a good home. Women owe their children the duty of care to take good care of them even from birth. This makes some mothers so attached to their children and transfer the love they have for their father unto to the children.

The same way the mother is showing love to their sons, the wife is also replicating that for their husband who is also another woman son. Sometimes this create rivalry between the mother-in-law and the wife.

I have even seen where the mother-in-law and wife is fighting over the son (which is the wife's husband). The mother is saying, except my son didn't feed on my breast, that's when he will not listen to me. The wife on the other hands is saying, currently your son who is now my husband is feeding on my breast and he will surely listen to me and not you.

Here is the big question to all women and men all over the world: A man traveled out of the country for over 5years. His wife and the his mother came out to welcome him back home, who should the man hug first, the wife or the mother?

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