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"Is this true love?"- Man seeks advice after he discovered his girlfriend uses "Spiritual oil".

A man has come to Twitter to seek advice after he discovered that his girlfriend uses Spiritual oil gotten from a seller on Instagram. In his post, he said that he is confused and needs advice on what to do. He said that he really loves her but he is not sure if it is true love as he discovered that the oil she uses, that's the Spiritual oil is used to trap men.

He went further to provide her chats with the seller telling the seller of the spiritual oil that her boyfriend, which is him, just secured her an international passport and this was someone she never believed who even look at her. This also increased his suspicions and he came online to seek advice on what to do.

Reacting to this post, a Twitter user said, "Uncle, leave her be. If she can use spiritual oil to get Favor from you, then she’s capable of doing worse things. Before you know it, she’ll go to the extent of controlling you without you knowing it. Flee while you still can."

Below are screenshots of people's reactions to this post. What so you think?

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