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Problem In Beauty: I'm So Pretty That No Man Can Woo Me, They Don't Know What I Will Say [Fiction]

Problem In Beauty: I'm So Pretty That No Man Can Woo Me, They Don't Know What I Will Say [Fiction]

Hi everyone, what I'm about to share with you on this platform is what is giving me sleepless nights. Read my story to the end to know if you can help me out with your advice.

My name is Mary John and I'm 20 years old. I was brought up in a rich family, John Family. I have never experienced hardship in my life during my stay in my parents' estate.

I ate what I wanted at the right time. My dad and mum were really taking good care of me to the extent that they bought a red Lamborghini of 2018 model for me when I graduated with an upper first-class grade. Ever since then, my friends had been jealous of my lovely parent. They always came to our house to have a room party with me and my sisters in my personal apartment. Indeed, I enjoyed my time with my parents.

After some years, my dad went for business in Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja. I could not endure his absence because we both had morning coffee together before breakfast. My nights were full of his dream. So, anytime I woke up, I first called him to hear his voice.

Days later when we were expecting my father's return from his business trip, we received a call from a hospital in Wuse that my dad had a heart attack and had been admitted to their clinic. I became more sad and inquisitive. My day was black then because I was shocked and afraid as I could not afford to lose my caring dad. Many negative thoughts filled up my mind.

My mum promptly bought a ticket to Abuja to see her darling husband's health status. But unfortunately, she met my father dead. She could not even hide her bitter sorrow in the hospital ward as she later explained to me.

When I saw the obituary of my father, I fainted three times. I was also rushed into a nearby chemist for first aid. After gaining my consciousness, I had a different drip to gain more blood. I was just speechless and depressed.

Following my discharge from the hospital, my dad's family had taken over all his property including the luxurious car he purchased for me. They me and my mother out of her husband's house and threatened to assassinate her if she made any attempt to charge them to court. Whereas, we were the only ones enjoying their brother's wealth all while. They claimed that we were the ones that did not let him have time for them ever since we came into his life and now that he was no more, we should find our ways to survive.

I and my mum went through thick and thin to sustain the hardship we encountered after the sudden death of my father. Nonetheless, I never appeared like a poor girl in public. I still wore high design clothes but with no personal car anymore. Around our new area, I was being called "Miss. Beauty".

You can also see my stunning pictures below to confirm my charming glance;

Till now, I flaunt on the street in my beautiful look and curvy shape, but the problem I am facing right now is that no man has ever come near me to ask me out. They all think I will abuse them for being low to my level. Whereas I am not that high or rich, but you have to package yourself in life.

Should I rather go and ask any man I love out myself?

Is that normal thing to do as a beautiful lady or I have another way out?

If you met me, can you have the courage to woo me?

Kindly drop your advice and suggestions for me in the comments section below.

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