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Uche Edochie, the son of veteran Nollywood actor Pete Edochie, has contracted COVID-19.

Uche Edochie, the son of veteran Nollywood actor Pete Edochie, has contracted COVID-19 and has turned to social media to tell his terrifying experience. On his Instagram page, Uche Edochie wrote a lengthy essay about how he realized he had the fatal illness and how it eventually took its toll on him.

When the young Edochie first became ill, he mistook it for malaria and began treating himself accordingly, according to him. However, by the time he realized it could have been something else, it was too late; 80 percent of his lungs had already been damaged.

Uche stated that he had been on oxygen for several days and was unable to eat or breathe. It was the first time in his life, he claimed, that he had no control over anything.

Even though his lungs took months to fully recover, the actor's son reassured fans that he was now fully free of the illness. Uche, on the other hand, claimed that treating COVID-19 was prohibitively expensive, claiming that he spent N350,000 every day in the hospital and that his entire treatment cost exceeded N6 million.

"Curing covid costs a fortune as well, which is a problem," he wrote. That is frequently the cause of death. A day at the facility where I was treated costs N350,000. I stayed there for twelve days before being transferred to Ikoyi's First Cardiology Centre for lung and heart rehabilitation. So far, the total cost of my treatment has surpassed six million naira. I know a man who paid seventeen million naira for his covid treatment."

He then encouraged the government to invest in inexpensive therapy, warning that if it does not, a large number of people will die.

Users on social media react. "Thank God you're getting better now," Mihz Vivian says. In the name of Jesus, you are healed." "Speedy recovery, sir. My prayers are with you." The real Hany "I thank God for sustaining your life through this, and I wish for your complete recovery," Mewu chibyke says. "Thank God for your healing, Oge tastic.

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