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Husband and wife relationship

Fiction:This is what my wife did to me the day I slapped her, this should serve as lesson to all men

I remain to everly remember the day my wife replied to the slap I planted on her cheek. She gave me the shock of my life in her own way.

I came back from work very hungry on this particular day, unfortunately, my wife didn't prepare food for me just because I didn't tell her the type of food to prepare, so she said. She was bold enough to tell me that because of the minor misunderstanding I had with her before I left for work in the morning. She desperately refused to prepare food pending my return from work.

On returning from work, my children greeted me, daddy welcome, but my wife did not say a word of welcome to me her husband. Then I knew there was a problem, may be what happened between us in the morning was still boiling in her mind, I thought. I then asked my children what they ate, they told me that they ate rice and egg, but it has finished. I waited for my wife as usual to bring forth my food, for where, my people, no sign of it. The worst part was that my wife did not even come close to where I was sitting in the room.

Meanwhile, my anger had already grew just like an inflated balloon, ready to burst. This time I went out without saying a word, bought a loaf of bread, some sugar, sachets of milk and bounvita and then ate with my children.

However, I called my wife as a man of the house. My wife what happened today, why didn't you prepare food for me as usual, she grossly looked at me with contempt and said, "useless man, did you tell me the kind of food you want me to prepare before you left this morning?" Having given the irritating respond to my question, my anger exploded and I gave her a slap on the face, without wasting time she replied my slap with hot water on my face. My wife used the cup I used to take, fetched very hot water from the pot and poured it on my face and this has consequently left irritating scars on my face at the moment.

The pictures used here is for illustration purpose

Having succeeded in doing this, she went in and packed her belongings and ran away to her aunt who joined the two of us before we got married. She didn't even mind what happened to me after pouring the hot water on me. Even when my caring neighbours came to help me out and asked her what happened, she only told them that they should ask me.

My in - laws have intervained and want me to take her back. Some said I should please take her back because of my children. I have made up my mind never to take her back, but my children are on my neck to bring their mother back. If you're in my situation right here, if I advise you to bring such wife back home, would you do that?

Please help me point out your own views on this very situation in the comment box.

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