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Funny photos of facemasks that can't keep you save

Facemask are meant to protect you from those who have the virus. There are varieties of facemask that are in circulation today. Medical face mask and facemask made from cloth. The medical ones are more safer and have more assurance than the rest. People have come up with different styles, some made from Ankara, some from other fabrics, below are some funny pictures of facemask that will lighten up your day.

1. Please take this off before you die of suffocation

2. Innovation at peak but in the wrong way😄😄😄3. Pot!! How can this one save you. 4. there's nothing you won't see, this one is recycling bra to Facemask,🤣🤣🤣🤣5. someone should tell this man that we are not fighting a spiritual battle and as such this one can't fight the virus.6. laughing my ass out, for this one I reserve my comments.

7. This one does not even trust the mask he still needed some additional protection by adding polythene bag.

8. How on Earth will yu breath through this one. This one you'll just suffocate to death before the virus attacks

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Ankara Earth Facemask


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