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"How A Water Goddess Came To Fight Me In Ghana" - Apostle Arome Osayi Narrates His Ordeal

We went for a meeting in Ghana, when we were done with the meeting our friends came together. They had elaborate plans on how we will spend time and relax and I found out that Ghana has wonderful resort, a beach where you can relax. Ghana is wonderful, so we traveled, went deep and in the heart of a village, there were very cozy places and a beach. I took the children along and they forgot us and began to swim. Everyone was active but you know what, by 1'clock the anointing came upon me like fire on my head. Anytime that fire comes it means God has given me authority to speak something and I now told God and said, there is no war here, everybody is running around. You know the place is not for war, we've finished the fight but the fire is still there from 1'clock till I went to sleep and when I woke up by 4'clock the fire had intensified and by 6'clock it had intensified more.

Then, I said okay, since you want to kill something, I'm walking on the beach, if you see the thing show me. The moment I said that, I saw standing on the water a goddess, looking at me. So, my disposition was this place is not for spirits it's for men, you have no right to be standing there. So, in the name of Jesus be gone, the spirit didn't expect such power that struck her. The prayer I prayed it was at 6'clock by 7 or 8, so I gathered the whole team who were swimming and said that, there is war. We now prayed till 10'clock, I'm not sure of that time but it's something like that. So there was a release and we went to our rooms. My wife went to sleep but me, I know that it's not time to sleep and then demons with two heads came to our room. One came by 1'clock, I still told that demon that, this place is not for spirits, this place is for men, we are the ones that have control here and I did not come in my name, I came in the name of Jesus. The spirit went outside the room and was walking on the pavement till 3'clock. 

Meanwhile, on the bed my wife will be doing as if she's having a bad dream. She did that from 1'clock till 3'clock but I know what was happening. In the morning all the team members that came to that place, I gathered them together and then, I begin to ask for feedback from them because when spiritual battles take place, God gives visibility. He gives us the opportunity to see what is happening. It's part of his responsibility because He is the one that teaches your hands to fight and your fingers to war. So he will give you a clue as to what was going on and the thing about spiritual warfare, don't be used to fighting it alone, not because you don't have the anointing or authority, but most of the feedback may not come to you, I mean divine feedback. If you are 12 people, at least 4 people will receive feedback but without fail, there must be feedback, God must show what is happening. So, you gathered intelligence from the feedback. 

The ship of spiritual warfare is corporate and that's why the basic unit can be you and your wife. Spiritual warfare basically is more corporate in outlook. I believe that the greatest service that we do to God, is to ensure that many people carry the anointing I carried and maybe by God's providence, you will even carry a higher measure, God can decide that, it's not up to me but that I disciple someone that God can put something heavier than what he gave me, is a sign that I am great in heaven.

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