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Rema sings better than Wizkid

Yes there are arguments and statements people always make everytime in tweets or comments.Does Rema copy Wizkid,does he sing like Wizkid or such.Now such profound arguments has sparked rage most times.

Now I am here to shut the comparison down. Let's look at both artiste and their background, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun aka Wizkid is an afro pop artiste who began making music at an early age of 11 and he got signed and hit the waves 2009.His first hit single was Holla at your boy,this song changed the of the young artiste and since then he has released different hits like Badguys, Don't dull,love me baby etc. till date.

What made people fall in love with Wizkid was his wack word play and beautiful song,Rema on the other hand started off 2019 and his hit song was Dumebi released 2019.

But now to the truth does Rema sound like Wizkid or does he sound better.The truth is Rema sings better vocally and lyrically.Now just listen to Wizkid's song it nice but his voice can't still be compared to Rema,Rema has a natural voice that even on interviews it's so sweet and gentle compared to Wizkid who works on autotune and still can't match Rema,Rema's voice range is wider and not as deep as Wizkid so he has better voice than wizzy although Wizzy's voice has changed a bit cause of age.

And also Lyrically, clearly Rema is better.They say Rema's song doesn't make sense but Wizkid songs doesn't make sense in one way,he sings abstract things and you can't even match up where he is going with the song.Listen to his songs,even his first song Holla at your boy,till date the video and lyrics doesn't even make sense we only loved the audio.

So it's of no surprise Rema sings better ❤️ than Wizkid no argument,facts and always facts don't hate cause you are a fan of Wizkid.

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