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The Moonwalkers versus The Beyhive By: Idowu Adedamola


The internet can be fun and interesting, it is like the whole world at one's fingertips. But sometimes we as people tend to overdo it when we try to shove our opinions down other people's throats, disregarding their feelings and blurring other important details. This is so in the case of G.O.A.Ts comparison

Cardi B vs Nicki Minaj

Wizkid vs Davido

Messi vs Rinaldo

Michael Jackson vs Beyonce Knowles

Oftentimes when we compare our G.O.A.Ts we are blind to the merits of the other person. Why choose when one can have it all? Think about it.

Michael Jackson's album, Dangerous, was released in a time of racial strife and political tension. Looking at the songs on the album and the music videos especially one cannot help but see the messages he tries to pass across.


Bey's recent album; The Gift, re-emphasises on the messages that MJ tried to pass across. Although both artistes belong to different times their goals are the same.

They both preach Racial Equity and Black-pride. Take a look at MJ's Do You Remember The Time where black people are portrayed as royalty and culturally rich people. Or, Black or White where MJ says "It don't matter if you are black or white" the video tries to unify different races cutting across colour boundaries.

Doesn't it sound awfully familiar with Bey's songs: Brown Skin Girl and Already?

These people are trying to shape the world they want the coming generation to inherit.

The point is; when we begin to yell about our G.O.A.Ts, when we begin to bring accolades of comparison between our G.O.A.Ts, may we not blur out the messages that they all pass across, else all would be okutu meow meow kutu yarns.

Like Marilyn Monroe said; "We are all stars and we deserve to shine." Let every star shine in its time.

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