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Jokes that might make you smile

1" Hausa songs are always in a hurry...

That makes me wonder if the artist is using a stolen guitar

2" Wait..oo who else noticed that dining table is useless in Nigeria

3" Pls if U know dt ur church shares Coke & Chicken for first timers, invite me. I wan to be visiting different churches every Sunday

4" If u think a lady is weak

Try removing her skirt when she is wearing tear tear pant

u will see power

5" It is only in Nigeria you will hear someone boast of their level of insanity. Example, I dey mad oo! Go & ask people around.

6" She returned my ring

After 10 years of engagement

Impatient is what kills most ladies

7" Please be careful of who you help oooo, I was bathing my neighbor chicken in hot water.

Now I'm being called a thief

8" My Dear Don't mind what they say.

You'll get married, have children, build houses, buy cars, be healthy and live a longer life.

9" My mom kept fish on the table i ate it,now she said I should check under the table if the Rat is dead

10" Welcome to Nigeria where degree holders are looking for jobs, and those with jobs are looking for degrees.

Confused Generation

11" Those of you who eat 2 slice of bread and tea as breakfast, how do you even survive, me 10 slices of bread nah to warm mouth

12" where are the geography student.what is the name of the star we see after receiving a slap..?


13" To all ladies who hurt me and break my heart, don't worry my son is coming after your daughters.*

It's a promise.

14" If you still Remember your Ex name that means you haven't moved on.

ThankGod I Totally forgot MILLICENT.

15" No Be To Come Social Media dey Quote Bible Up Nd Down

U Sabi Cook Soup?

16" I became CEO when I was in JS3,teacher use to say "HEY COCONUT HEAD" U and your company should get out of my class.

17" Daddy I'm Afraid 0f Zombies

DAD": Zombie Ain't Real" They're Just People With Makeups

S0N": Just Like Mommy?

DAD": Yup, Just Like Mummy

18" I don't benefit anything in this country. Even the fresh air God gave us for free, government have polluted it

19" You won't realize U can sweat under A.C until U go to Shoprite to buy toothpaste & mistakenly break wine of 500K

20" No Nigeria child passed secondary school with out dis four words "who has two pen"

21" Should i send yhu airtime or mummy will beat yhu

22" Nigerians will travel abroad & stay 1 week snap 500 pictures come back & be posting it small small for 5 years,

23" The energy wey I carry put for love,if I use am learn mechanic I for don Sabi repair train

I for Don Stop Posting Joke's cuz it's Not really easy arranging all of D's... But you guy's is the only reason that Keeps Me Hanging..I really love you all

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