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5 Photos From Destiny Etiko Past That Made Us Wonder What Body Cream She Used

Generally, most Nigerian celebrities usually make amends to one or two things in their body. It could be bleaching their skin, plastic surgery or even curves enhancement. Since they have the money, it is always easy for them to get it done no matter how expensive it is.

Those kind of procedures usually have advantages and disadvantages. Because, it could make them more attractive or totally ruin their body. But luckily, most of them has been successful without any repercussions.

But there is no way the changes would go unnoticed by fans because celebrities are always in the eye of the public. And when fans notice any changes, they would definitely talk. Although some celebrities have opened up publicly, some keep denying despite it being noticeable. A good example of such celebrity is no one else but Destiny Etiko.

Destiny Etiko is one of the most famous Igbo indigenous actress in Nigeria. She has a bubbly personality and lovable nature which has endeared her to Loyal fans.

I have gathered some photos from Destiny Etiko's past and present. Look at both pictures and tell me what you think in the comment section.

Before the fame (and the slay), this was how Destiny Etiko looked like

This is How Destiny Etiko looks like now

Some fans has levelled accusations against her concerning her curves and skin tone. Though she has always denied ever trying to enhance any part of her body. Well, I'm sure her curves are natural but, she definitely bleached her skin because she is noticeably fairer than when she was younger.

What do you think about the past and present photos of Destiny Etiko? Do you think she bleached? Share your opinion with me in the comment section.

Content created and supplied by: Olowofoyeku (via Opera News )

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