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I thought my son was stealing meat from the pot but he was doing something else (fiction)

My name is Richard and I am a 32 year old single father, I lost my wife when she was giving birth to our son and ever since then I have been doing my best to raise my son in the right way.

I am not always at home so I always leave my son in the care of our neighbors, because they are good Christians and I trust them very much. I normally cook before leaving the house so that he will eat to his satisfaction, he likes rice and stew so that is what I always cook for him.

As time goes on I noticed that the meat in the pot start to reduce, I know this because I always count every piece of meat I put in the pot, it is something that is use to me. I asked my son if he is the one taking meat from the pot but he denied it, but one day I caught him red handed taking meat from the pot.

I wanted to beat him but i decided to let him explain first because, that was how I was brought up. Before I knew it my son took my hand and took me to my neighbor apartment, to show me how they were living. We have to thank God in the situation we find ourselves, my son showed me how our neighbors son were living, when I asked them why they asked my son to steal meat, they opened up to me and told me that they were adopted, and their parents have not been treating them well. They also said they haven't eaten meat for months.They also told me that they have been cooking my rice also. I was shocked that my son would feel for them to the extent of feeding them with my food, and even stealing my meat to give to them because, that was the first time I noticed that my neighbors children are not looking well at all.

I wanted to beat and punish him but I just couldn't because, he did what he did to save other people from hunger but I don't know if it is the right thing to do.

Should I rebuke him for this or just let it pass?

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