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God Created Him As A Man, But He Decided To Be A Real Life Merman(Pictures)

God made us all in his image, he didn't create any of us as Animals, or insects, because he never makes mistakes. It is crazy that some people choose to change their life, to live like something entirely different from human beings.

Some obsession can be really crazy at times, and most people are actually obsessed with the funniest and weirdest of things. If you love a particular movie, doesn't mean you have to change your self to look like the character in that movie??

Well alot of humans have taken their obsession to the next level, and it gets crazier by the day. This young man identified as Christian Riel, from Florida, is so obsessed with the Little Merman movie, that he decided to get a tail for himself.

Christian was inspired by the Merman movie, this made me go on the quest to become a Merman. He spent over one thousand one hundred and twenty Euros (£1,120) to get a golden tail.

His parents supported the idea, even his friends are happy that he chose that life for himself as a fish. He got his tail in 2017, since then he has been living and acting like he is a Merman, and he loves it.

The tail isn't as fun as it seems, he normally feels alot of pains in his ankles when ever he wears that Merman Tail for more than an hour. See his pictures below;

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