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How to deal with fake sugar daddies and babies

I've done a series about fake sugar daddies and I did a post about fake sugar babies. I just never done a post about how to handle fakes. There's really no secret but what you do especially on the sites could help the next baby or daddy.

We have to start this post off by saying that just because a sugar baby or daddy (or mamas) doesn't want the same thing as you doesn't make them a fake. A lot of people in this lifestyle make this mistake. If they are just being crazy or someone you don't want to deal with you can just block them. So Let's get to the main meat of this post.

What you do with the fakes is different depending on where or how you meet them. Also I hate to be harsh but you can't do this lifestyle and be lazy. I say this mainly for the babies because whether you are dealing with a fake daddy or a real daddy there is level work you have to do. Daddies also have to put in some effort or work too.

If you meet online the fake will be easier to make others aware of in a sense. Most websites have a report feature. Make sure during the conversation that you get proof if something goes wrong. If you screen shot stuff you will have proof to send to the sites. Sites will also have a feature were daddies and babies can prove (for free I believe) that they are real. The main way sugar babies show that they are real is showing up for dates and treat the sugar daddy with the respect they earn. Then when things go wrong report and block them. Also if you have already started talking off site then make sure you have their screennames some daddies will delete your conversation with them. I don't know if this happens with sugar babies. Reporting and blocking these people will take away their victim pool. They may sign up again but they will continue to get reported and blocked.

A lot of sugar babies believe that reporting won't do anything but my experience it does especially if more than one person reports them. A lot of babies have been told doing something or speaking up won't do anything but if you're reporting someone than it will do something. You may feel discouraged but it helps.

If you meet in person at like a mixer or something then sadly you can't stop this person from scamming others unless you know other people looking for an arrangement. You can have names and pictures to help warn people. In the scenario where you meet in person you can just block the person and warn others if you can. If they keep getting blocked they may either move to sites or just stop trying. The stubborn ones wont give up.

If you are unfairly reported or removed you can rejoin. These fakes rejoin so can you. I would use different photos that's why I don't suggest using all your best photos. There are some people who thinks just because you don't want the same things that you are fake but that's not the truth. Make sure what you are asking for is reasonable and actually sugar. Some sugar babies don't offer actual sugar stuff, it maybe cam girl or sex work type stuff.

I hope this made sense and you enjoy this.

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