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Can't Stop Laughing. See Hilarious Photo Of Six Packs Under Foot.

Thanks for clicking on this article. I bet after reading this you will laugh out loud.

Six packs is no new to us as it is well defined by Segen's Medical Dictionary as a popular term for the rectus abdominis muscle of a body builder characterized by excessively developed rounded muscle bellies separated by horizontal tendinous intersections, resembling a six pack PD beverages can.

From the stand point of view, most men desire to have a six pack on his stomach to look more fit and healthy. Its easy to work it out but had to maintain. In recent research by medical practitioners, they have been able to work it out but I term that as 'artificial'.

I came across a post a while ago of a final year student was seen having six packs under his feet. Isn't that weird. But come to think of it, is there any possible alternative that a man could be having six packs under hi feet, unbelievable right? Let me leave you with that question.

See photo below:

I really can't stop laughing when my eyes hooked up with this photo.

So what do you think? Drop your comment in the comment section.

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Medical Dictionary PD


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